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how cheap dave is. 

well dave is a cheapster. he lives in a older nieghborhood. he lives in a nice house he lives downstairs in his home

he has 3 cats, he does not like commerials on tv, he loves to go hop in his van and go for a drive.

he purchased 3 minivans a 1989 un modded voyager van v6 3.0 motor he drives it every once in a while, and a maroon 2002 dodge caravan and a 95 dodge caravan that he put a 92 jetta tdi turbo diesel in it.he likes to save money. hes not people that spend money too much.

the scary part he has to go grocery shopping. he does not like to spend $60 bucks for food. 

and has to buy 3 huge bags of cat food. for them cats in the house.

and owns an 87 aries k wagon its fast.

he hates cold weather just like i do.

if i was cheap like is i would spend $40 bucks on food if i bought soda i would buy 3 12 packs.

and a genral elctric refrigeorator the one with 2 doors on the side. and also when i get older i will own have 4

cars in my driveway when i buy a new car a 1992 Geo tracker 4wd 5 speed and a blue 1989 chevrolet astro van

a 1985 dodge RAM D250 custom with the alumanum steal box bolted on the bed. crank windows locks and mirrors

with bugendy vynl interior with jvc stereo with a 318 2bbl carb

sad thing automatic oh well. and a 1991 subaru legacy gt turbo awd wagon with a 5 speed

loaded every option. I would use my subaru for long trips.

the 80's truckEdit

a 1986 Ford Ranger 4wd 5 speed 2.9 that rick got for $800 bucks. he got it in 2003. and it had 214,379 miles on the truck. he had to replace the fenders. rick would hual stuff in the back of the truck he put new tires on it he had to do the susspendssion head gasket blew in 2006 he brought it to the farm he had so much fun joyriding that truck and muding it then in 2010 he rolled it