The daves farm 2002 vanEdit

Dave owns a 2002 dodge caravan that he bought one year in November. he was going to scrap his old 1990 diesel voyager van with 470,996 miles but he changed his mind about scrapping it he is still trying to find a 1.9 tdi diesel from a 99 Jetta. then at 485,000 kilometers he scrapped his diesel voyager van pulled the motor out and got a 95 caravan better shape. he converted it to be diesel. 

The longest survivors at daves farmEdit

 The old farm cars.

Dave owned a '77 Dodge van he had for 5 years, and the half car that got scrapped, he still has his 90 Toyota GTS and the Cheviacs the diesel van his old Voyager van.

His 2002 Caravan, he had a little Nissan from Passedena, 2 nice Lincolns a 91 accord exr wagon. and some cars that got scrapped the 88 Ram van, ricks Ranger, the Neon.

Camry, the red Toyota Corolla sedan, the awd Caravan, the Caravan taxi, the 87 Dakota 3.9, the 88 LeBaron, pugs Geo and his Cutlass, 

ricks z24, Garrets piece of crap 1990 Tempo, rick's 96 Golf, the 90 Subaru, 91 Suzuki swift, vw convertible the moldsmobile, 

The daves farm ricerEdit

the daves  farm ricer is a 1997 Mazda Protoge 1.8 liter 4 cylinder 5speed. someone drove it to the farm and dave put a fartcan on and a cat back exhaust and horn for flames. 

its fast i think Mazdas are awesome the first one was a 95 Nissan 200sx with the mods one day when dave and his friends were racing someone noticed the oil light came on but the kept racing then motor was knocking then the motor was blown so it was scrapped.