The Wiki spammer is a person who spams this wiki, believing that Dave owns it.

He posts comments, discussing with who he believes to be Dave his plans for visiting him.

He has made articles, but at the same time, posts comments to who he believes to be Dave.

His IP address is

A portion of one of his comments:

Hey Dave if I visit you bring your diesel van pick me up and we will get a coffee

The Wiki is created and previously owned by Jason Diaz, a fan of Dave.

Although his account is deleted, the wiki has never been taken over by Dave, nor is it Dave in disguise to try and avoid police attention as he no longer appears anywhere on the internet (except for some old videos, etc.)

The current unofficial admin is Mike Cui.

Former admin/creator

As of July 18, 2013, he believes that Mike Cui is Backyardjay. This is evidenced by a comment posted below: