daves 89 van. dave owns a 1989 dodge voyager van that he purchased in 2001 when he had his old white diesel van.

the van is still regesterd and legal for him to drive. he bouht it for $100 dollars. and drove it for 11 years.

he did have to change the tranny on it the day he got the van. he's been driving it since 2001. its got 375,18

miles on it. he still has it. 3.0 liter mitsubishi v6. air works. drives like new. he has'nt been driving it for 3 years. 

brake lines blew. he replaced em. he had to fix 1 feul line. because after sitting for 3 years. the side door would  not open. so he fixed that. even thouh its old he needs to start driving more. in 2010 he started it and moved it to the shop that he bulded. when he started it some smoke flew out of the exhaust. when he moved it 1 of the tires were low.        the k car.    A 1987 Dodge Aries K Le wagon that dave found at an auto place he took a 1988 Dodge Daytona turbo shelby z he put that car together 91 he had to put a 5 speed in it because noone wants to drive automatics. dave had to rewire the whole car he did some things to make it 230 horsepower. and in 2001 he had to take it in for an emitions test even though dave was curantly driving it it did not pass the test so he had the car hanging up were those further back flags were the roof that he biulded he took it down  in 2007 after sitting for 6 years and i noticed that the fuel pump was bad so he found fuel pump so he ran for a wihile and he changed them rotten fuel lines it ran good on old gas then he washed it because this car coverd in dirt and dust 

then he took the plates of of his blue 89 voyager then he drove it home in 2008 then in 2009 he drove it back to the farm then the weather was bad he started it when it was covered in snow then he bought his 2002 caravan then 

he drove white van home. then in 2012 he started it when it was 32 degrees and freezing cold 

he still has it